Why the Mac Mini should be your next computer

6 06 2010

The Mac Mini should be your next computer because you can get it absolutely free. Yes, that’s right, for a limited time, the Mac Mini can be picked up for nothing!

Even though the Mac Mini has a very low price tag of $599, why pay when you can get one for free.

The Free Mac Mini has:

  • 2.53GHZ Intel Core2Duo Processor
  • 4GB DDR2 SDRAM Memory
  • 320GB Serial ATA Hard Drive
  • 8x Double-layer SuperDrive
  • GeForce 9400M Graphics
  • 802.11N Wireless Enabled
  • Mac OS X Snow Leopard

And for how much? Free! Yes free! To get this great offer, click here.

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Mac Mini reviews

6 06 2010

The Mac Mini has received great reviews from all over the globe. From Australia to the USA, the Mac Mini has a very positive outlook.

DUNGZ reviewer writes:

The Mac Mini has good multitasking abilities, media handling ability. It is unbeatable, for playing 1080p video content from online video sources like Youtube, Zulu and etc. None other PCs match in this regard. The upgrading options in Mac Mini are few because of its size and inability to access its interiors. Apple has retained fancy BYO mouse and wireless Keyboard. It has good built-in Bluetooth receiver which communicates with other peripherals flawlessly.

Another reviewer from TopTenReviews says:

The Apple Mac Mini is actually a superb, tiny computer that we’ve been able to convince ourselves deserves a spot in the economy computer category. It’s only with its base configuration that the price allows inclusion here. Choosing just about any of the desired options adds quickly to the price. Still, the computer’s overall performance is excellent and its multitasking capabilities are admirable. It’s a sure winner for those on a budget who prefer Apple functionality.

On our free Apple Mac Mini which we tried out, we experienced a great deal of power, ease of use and multiple features – some of which we didn’t even know how to use. Our free Mac Mini came with Mac OS X Snow Leopard and multiple bundled applications. For something that was free, this was an incredible machine. We used this machine as a media center for playing music and watching movies through a TV. This machine played 720P DVD’s with no problem and streamed audio with absolutely no problem.

All in all, the Apple Mac Mini is an awesome little unit for any task!

What is an Apple Mac Mini?

5 06 2010

The Mac Mini is the world’s most energy efficient, small and cheapest High Range desktop computer in today’s computer market.

The Mac Mini has a price tag of $599 and has a 2.66GHZ Intel Processor and 4GB DDR3 RAM, with 1066MHZ Front Side Bus. The Mac Mini has a NVIDIA GeForce 9400M Graphics card, meaning you can play the latest 3D games, watch HD videos, and much much more. There is also capability of up to a 500GB In-Built hard drive, with capability of up to 10TB of External Hard Drive storage! Along with all these great basic features, the Mac Mini has built in Wireless networking, wired networking (gigabit ethernet), a slot loading CD/DVD burner, FireWire 800, Mini DVI and a whopping 5 USB 2.0 ports! Sweet!

The Mac Mini has a all-in-one motherboard with an integrated CPU, making for better power consumption and airflow in the case.

At only 2.9 Pounds, the Mac Mini is amazingly light. Although it doesn’t ship with a mouse or a keyboard, the Mac Mini can take any USB keyboard or mouse – Although the official Apple keyboard and mouse can be purchased from any Apple retail store worldwide. The operating system on this amazing computer is Mac OS X Snow Leopard. This operating system, designed by Apple is one of the most clear and easy to use operating systems on today’s market.

The Apple Mac Mini can also be shipped with Snow Leopard Server for users that want to run a home server, but do not have the space for a big, bulky traditional web server. The Mac Mini can support up to two monitors and two hard disks. No matter what you choose, the Mac Mini is one powerful machine.

In today’s webhosting market, Mac Mini’s can be purchased and used for a small monthly fee. They are hosted in remote datacenters and are usually provided with a set amount of bandwidth so you can host your applications and web media.